Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fall of the Aztecs

Although the Aztec empire was a strong and powerful, the Spanish had a few "tricks up their sleeve." The Spanish, led by Hernan Cortez, contained knowledge of the Aztecs and wanted to take their goods. When they arrived to Tenochtitlan, the Aztecs thought Cortez was their God and so they welcomed him. After finding out he was a fake,they went to battle. However, the Spanish were strong enough to win. The Spanish had advanced technology, back in the day, such as guns. Also, the Spanish had different germs that the Aztecs weren't used to. Furthermore,the Spanish blocked off the water supply meaning people couldn't drink clean water, so most of them died.
Los Angeles is a well structured city in sight. However, we don't have the best structured society, roads, and other things. Crimes in LA happen everyday and some of these crimes do a lot of damage to others. Also, our roads and highways, especially in Downtown, are always crowded. These are things that need to be fixed, but LA is progressing....

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Aztec Prison Labor to American Prison Labor

In Mesoamerica, Aztecs did many things. They built their capital in a lake with a great double-pyramid. This double-pyramid was used for special ceremonies and rituals. One of those rituals was sacrificing slaves. The Aztecs believed that by sacrificing slaves by using their blood and hearts, this blood would go to their God. They believed their God needed blood to make the sun rise, set, and to make the world function.

Today in America, some states allow there to be prison labor. In my opinion, I think prison labor should be made with careful consideration. If we allow prison labor, prisoners get a chance to pay off their debt little by little. However, if we use prison labor, there is a risk that prisoners may not do their jobs right, just so they can get what they want.


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Move to China(Poster) by Chris M.

Move to China poster - Move to China by Christopher M.: "NOTA - Move%20to%20China%20poster%20-%20Move%20to%20China%20by%20Christopher%20M."

Move to China poster - Welcome to the Song Dynasty: "NOTA - Move%20to%20China%20poster%20-%20Welcome%20to%20the%20Song%20Dynasty"

Move to China poster - Religion: "NOTA - Move%20to%20China%20poster%20-%20Religion"

Move to China poster - Government: "NOTA - Move%20to%20China%20poster%20-%20Government"

Move to China poster - Fireworks: "NOTA - Move%20to%20China%20poster%20-%20Fireworks"

Move to China poster - The Compass: "NOTA - Move%20to%20China%20poster%20-%20The%20Compass"