Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Contributions in Mesoamerica

Historical Fiction Story-Aztec Society as Commoner

Day 56
Year 1300’s
I’m tired. I had to go out today to go get the ruler his favorite spice, pepper. I enjoy working for the ruler, but sometimes he sends me too far into the forests nearby. Anyways, today was my lucky day. I came across a Passion flower. Anyways, as I was going out, a snake tried to attack me, but I was able to maneuver myself. I got to the Ruler and he thanked me for the pepper. He also gave me a basket of corn to share with my family. I hope to have a great day tomorrow.

Day 57
Year 1300’s
I am pretty mad at the ruler. In the morning, he requested to get a passion fruit for his grandmother who was very ill. I went out to the forest looking for the flower. I spent hours, looking across meadows, looking across rivers and lakes, I looked everywhere. Unfortunately, I didn’t find one. I informed the ruler, but the ruler decide to take my oldest brother as a slave until I found one.

Day 58
Year 1300’s

With my brothers life in my hands, I woke early to find the passion flower. As I was looking across the fields on the coast, I saw a ship. I decided not to pay attention to it as t could have been regular shipment at the other villages, but the ship came and it docked at shore. A man came down with his strong men and a translator. This man told me his name was Hernando Cortes. He said he was here to take our gold. He said to join him or suffer. He said I would be killed if I did not join him. I said I would help him as long as I can escape freely with my family. He agreed, so I took him to Tenochtitlan...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mayan Daily Life- Historical Fiction Assignment

Day 66 Year 12
I just got back home from fields. We got out early today because the crops are all filled and we have to build another terrace tomorrow. Anyways, I'm about to have lunch with my family. We are having some chicken and some tortillas. Unfortunately, I got called i to go help build pyramids. Anyways, I'll write later.

Wow. I never new how red my hands can get. Today, the ruler made us finish the pyramid. Anyway, I'm glad that's over. I wish I can take a shower, but the ruler said we can't dress nicer than him. Anyways, I'm just glad I can rest for a regular day tomorrow ; night.

P.S. Here is the pyramid. I think it looks good....

Monday, April 4, 2011

Rise, Expansion, and Fall of the Inca Empire

Around the 10th century, a small civilization began to grow in Peru. This civilization was surrounded with basically rocks and hills. Therefore, these people adapted to the environment using their abilities to build different things. Around the 15th century, this civilization's leader had grown and expanded its empire.

How did they expand from a small civilization to great empire? The Inca ruler decided to negotiate with other nearby civilizations. Most of the time, many civilizations agreed to join, but some had put great thought to denying the offer. However ,in reality, the had no choice because the Inca empire had 30,000 soldiers ready to invade if necessary. Once they became a great empire, Francisco Pizarro decided to come.

When Pizarro had arrived, the Inca empire decided to ignore him. Eventually, Pizarro decided to rebel. He had called the Inca ruler for a meeting,so the ruler agreed. However, the Spanish took him in hostage and he eventually died in prison. Also, Pizarro knew Cortes and their army defeated the Inca empire. These two causes led to the end of the Inca empire.