Monday, April 4, 2011

Rise, Expansion, and Fall of the Inca Empire

Around the 10th century, a small civilization began to grow in Peru. This civilization was surrounded with basically rocks and hills. Therefore, these people adapted to the environment using their abilities to build different things. Around the 15th century, this civilization's leader had grown and expanded its empire.

How did they expand from a small civilization to great empire? The Inca ruler decided to negotiate with other nearby civilizations. Most of the time, many civilizations agreed to join, but some had put great thought to denying the offer. However ,in reality, the had no choice because the Inca empire had 30,000 soldiers ready to invade if necessary. Once they became a great empire, Francisco Pizarro decided to come.

When Pizarro had arrived, the Inca empire decided to ignore him. Eventually, Pizarro decided to rebel. He had called the Inca ruler for a meeting,so the ruler agreed. However, the Spanish took him in hostage and he eventually died in prison. Also, Pizarro knew Cortes and their army defeated the Inca empire. These two causes led to the end of the Inca empire.

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