Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Historical Fiction Story-Aztec Society as Commoner

Day 56
Year 1300’s
I’m tired. I had to go out today to go get the ruler his favorite spice, pepper. I enjoy working for the ruler, but sometimes he sends me too far into the forests nearby. Anyways, today was my lucky day. I came across a Passion flower. Anyways, as I was going out, a snake tried to attack me, but I was able to maneuver myself. I got to the Ruler and he thanked me for the pepper. He also gave me a basket of corn to share with my family. I hope to have a great day tomorrow.

Day 57
Year 1300’s
I am pretty mad at the ruler. In the morning, he requested to get a passion fruit for his grandmother who was very ill. I went out to the forest looking for the flower. I spent hours, looking across meadows, looking across rivers and lakes, I looked everywhere. Unfortunately, I didn’t find one. I informed the ruler, but the ruler decide to take my oldest brother as a slave until I found one.

Day 58
Year 1300’s

With my brothers life in my hands, I woke early to find the passion flower. As I was looking across the fields on the coast, I saw a ship. I decided not to pay attention to it as t could have been regular shipment at the other villages, but the ship came and it docked at shore. A man came down with his strong men and a translator. This man told me his name was Hernando Cortes. He said he was here to take our gold. He said to join him or suffer. He said I would be killed if I did not join him. I said I would help him as long as I can escape freely with my family. He agreed, so I took him to Tenochtitlan...

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